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Septic Tanks

septic tank pump outs

Septic tanks collect, store and process liquid waste from the toilet. The septic tank traps and breaks-down all solid matter turning it into what is called "sludge", allowing fluids to exit safely to underground dispersion areas called "distribution trenches / drain fields". The sludge which accumulates in septic tanks needs to be removed / pumped out prior to sludge occupying 30% of the complete volume of the tank, roughly every 2 to 5 years. Failure to pump out a septic tank will result in the sludge exiting the septic tank and blocking up outlet pipes and distribution trenches / drain fields.

Septic Tank Cleaning to the Highest Standard

Lee's Liquid Waste Services performs all septic tank cleaning / pumpouts to the highest standard in the liquid waste industry.

Our cleaning regime includes:

  • Pumping out the septic tank to the bottom
  • Hosing, scraping down and cleaning all interior surfaces of the septic tank
  • Partial refilling of septic tank to prevent hydrostatic lift
  • Returning all items to their original location

We can also provide the following septic tank services:

  • Removing accumulated tree roots
  • Providing service reports on the condition of inlet and outlet baffles
  • Providing service reports on the condition of lid and distribution trenches / drain fields

Regular Septic Tank Pumpout Service Plan

Lee's Liquid Waste Services septic tank cleaning offers to place your residence on a regular septic tank cleaning regime and pump out cycle where we perform free sludge test inspections on your septic tank every 2-3 years and then clean / pump them out when sufficient sludge has accumulated. Please call us now to set up a preventative maintenance septic tank inspection and pump-out schedule.

Free Septic Tank Test

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